Premium Custom Fabrics

For Custom Shade Sails, we offer three high-quality main fabric lines:
Monotec, ExtraBlock, and Shadetex.
(Other fabrics are available on a limited basis)

Each fabric is about 85-90% UV Protective and choosen especially for long lasting sails.

We recommend ordering Fabric Samples – all computer screens are slightly different and the only true way to know what you’re getting is to see the fabric in person.

Monotec 370

Monotec is an all monofilament shade cloth that is the strongest shade cloth on the market. It is most appropriate for larger Shade Sails and commerical projects. Fabric creases along fold lines take longer in the sun under tension to go away. Made in Australia, Monotec 370 is made with 100% round monofilament HDPE yarns, making it the strongest shadecloth on the market. It’s positive memory yarns require no re-tensioning.

Extra block 330 (fire rated)

EXTRABLOCK is one of the worlds best FR rated shade cloths. It meets the California State Fire Marshall test for title 19. This is widely recognised as the most difficult FR test to meet and EXTRABLOCK gets a new certificate every year! EXTRABLOCK is a very dimensionally stable shade cloth with very similar biaxial strengths and extensions in both directions. EXTRABLOCK has a 12 year warranty against UV breakdown.

ShadeTex 320

About 15% less expensive than Monotec, Shadetex is a commercial quality monofilament and tape fill shade cloth that is made in Korea.  Though it is a heavy cloth it is not as strong as Monotec therefore we recommend limiting it’s use to sails with perimeters less than 80′ around the edges.


Z16 fabric holds an unrivaled reputation for durability, UV-R protection and quality. This shade cloth fabric offers the ultimate UV-R protection (up to 99%).With impressive UV and Shade results Z16 shade cloth can dramatically reduce the heat, glare and UV radiation of any outdoor area, allowing you to use the outdoors even when the sun is at its most dangerous. Z16 Sails are made with a unique high quality South Africa fabric that we find ideal for smaller Shade Sails with perimeters under 80’ around or less.


Fabric Samples Z16