Custom Shade Sails (Sun Sails)

Why Do A Custom Shade sail

  • They can be made in almost any shape which allows for more design creativity.  (see design parameters)
  • They are easier to install because they are made to fit the space not the other way around.  This means less messing around with hardware pieces trying to get them to fit.  Just measure from fixing point to fixing point and the sail is made to fit.
  • Custom sails are  made to commercial quality standards which are much stronger and more durable.
  • Free Shipping on all custom sails

Why our shade sails are the best

To achieve that taut tensile fabric look, you need to start out with a sail that is properly made and installed correctly. Don’t be fooled by catalog sails that hang limp. These Shade Sails are not available anywhere else.  Also, look at the hardware “they” offer, then look at ours. Our hardware is intended for tension loads and is load rated.  Theirs are intended for a picnic.  We have pull tested our sails at over a ton of force. Combined with our “load rated” hardware the systems we offer are designed to give you a trouble free installation. These are serious tensioned-fabric structures not a picnic tarp!!    We are confident that these are the best quality and strongest Shade Sails on the market today.

  • Our Custom Sails are made with “Monotec” 370 brand fabric. This is the strongest and best Quality HDPE Fabric on the market.  No other ready-made on the market comes close.
  • Monotec 370 fabric – Has round mono-filament fibers which means it stays cleaner and is easier to clean.  All monofilament with no tape filler is 3 times stronger than mono/tape type cloth.  It’s positive memory yarns require no re-tensioning.   Monotec 370 is made in Australia, not China or Indonesia.
  • Shadetex is also a fabric option which is available in 10’ wide rolls.  It is a little less expensive and is appropriate for smaller sails (less than 16′ edges)
  • Ultra strong Marine Grade Stainless Steel Corner Rings.
  • We use a Double Row of Locking Stitch (Not a chain stitch used by our competitors.)
  • Our Custom Sails are sewn with Solar Fix thread that is warranted for over 10 years against UV breakdown. This thread cost 100X more than normal Dacron Polyester.  But skimping on thread quality is what most our competitors do.
  • Heavy Duty Polyester (seat belt) webbing reinforced edges and corners.  No need for added cable. (We also offer cable reinforced sails.
  • Installed properly to a well engineered structure, these sails can withstand 85 mph winds.
View & Order Custom fabrics

Get a Quote on A Custom Shade Sail

Our unique automated quote/ordering system makes it easy to get our best pricing and helps prevent problems like transcription errors.  Simply enter your dimensions on this on-line form to get a quote or go all the way to the end to order a custom sail.  The automated form also prompts you through the process which speeds up getting a custom sail by days. Prices based on Total Perimeter, Fabric Type and Sail Shape. Please read through the content below for more info on Custom Shade Sail options.

Custom Sails Order Form

The Basics of Custom SHade Sail

Two Types of Constructions Available

Commercial quality with “Webbing reinforced” type construction in custom sizes and colors. Sewed with “Solar Fix” thread. These are just as strong as the cabled sails and easier to install. In most cases we prefer our customers to use these type.

Commercial quality with Stainless steel cabled perimeter and extra reinforcement. Made to fit the space. Requires some skill during installation. Continuous cable with clamps Sewed with “Solar Fix” thread. Continuous cabled sails often require extra “D” shackles to fit their larger corner rings.

Learn More About Webbing Vs Cabled

Two Measuring Options Available

  1. Adjust Sail Size to Fit Space (turnbuckles and shackles included)

    Most customers prefer to provide us with measurements of the space to be filled and have us calculate the final dimensions of the sail. With this option, we will adjust the sail dimensions to allow for needed hardware and will ship the hardware along with the sail as part of the price. Sails ordered using this option are warrantied to fit if measured according to the instructions provided on this website.

  2. Fabricate to Dimensions

    The sail is simply Made To the Dimensions you provide.  This option does not include any hardware as we assume you have already accounted for your own. *NOTE* If you choose this option and provide eye to eye measurements, this sail will be too big for your space.

Planning & Measuring Instructions


Need Advice? Not all shapes or sizes will give good results. Contact us if you need advice.

Note, Custom Sails larger than 80′ around the perimeter are only warrantied against flaws in workmanship and materials for one year. Sails with perimeters greater than 80′ around are not warrantied for any specific life span or longevity.  See warranty information for more details. (Custom sails usually take about 2-3 weeks)