Made to Order Standard Size Shade Sails (Sun Sails)

3 quality lines to choose from


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Our Exclusive line of Made to Order Standard Sizes Shade SAILS These sails are not available in Chain stores. We do not sell them through Amazon, Home Depot or Those are not our sails.  If you want the real thing you are at the right place. Note the photos from our competitors. Look out for the limp, wrinkled, baggy shape. Then look at our photos. Our sails are made to be put under tension and are true tensioned fabric structures. Not a tarp. Ours are made with the best materials using the right patterns to give equal tension under loads. Over 200 colors shapes and size combinations! The largest selection in the world! 3 Quality ranges to choose from… choose below.

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Skyclipse 370 Shade Sails (Sun Sails)

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The strongest Shade Sails on the market. Made to order from standard size patterns using the same fabric and quality of construction as our custom Shade Sails. Constructed using extra-wide, seamless, premium-quality fabric with heavy-duty webbing-reinforced edges and corners and double UV-resistant lockstitch.

Skyclipse320 Ready-Made Shade Sail 

Skyclipse 320 Shade Sails (Sun Sails)

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Our Standard for over 16 years! “Premium Quality” Made to Order with 320gm/sqm weight cloth.  Higher Quality fabric and construction with 2 rows of locking stitch.   Sewn with UV resistant Solar Fix thread.  168 combinations of color and sizes.  A high-quality Shade Sail for those who want a more durable product or a wider color choice. Webbing-reinforced edges with uv-resistant double lockstitch and doubly reinforced corners ensure a long lifespan. Made to order from stock patterns and shipped directly to you via express mail.

Skyclipse370 Ready-Made Shade Sail

Skyclipse 200 Shade Sails (Sun Sails)

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Skyclipse 200’s Z16 fabric holds an unrivaled reputation for durability, UV-R protection and quality. This shade cloth fabric offers the ultimate UV-R protection (up to 99%).With impressive UV and Shade results Z16 shade cloth can dramatically reduce the heat, glare and UV radiation of any outdoor area, allowing you to use the outdoors even when the sun is at its most dangerous.  Z16 Sails are made with a unique high quality South Africa fabric that we find ideal for smaller Shade Sails with perimeters under 80’ around or less. Easier to install with a bit more stretch make them ideal for the DIY installer. The fabric is one of the most UV blocking fabrics we have used and has a smoother finish than other knits. Super strong reinforcing polyester webbing is sewn to bottom of the sail edge using SolarFX UV resistant thread.  A very strong UV stable sail that will out last most anything on the market.

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