Please make your selection with care.  Some products may not be returned (see below).  Others are subject to a restocking fee.


E-mail us before returning anything:

Do Not Send Returns Back To The Warehouse Address on Shipping Label!  They Will Get Lost!

No refunds after 30 days.

Custom Sails  Not returnable except in the case of an error on the part of Shade Sails, LLC.

Shipping is free when your purchase is over $39.  However you will be charged for shipping against any return equal to our cost of shipping and handling.  Note, some items come from New Zealand and may cost as much as $200 in shipping. (shipping generally ranges from $15 to $200 or more depending on item)
You are responsible to pay the return shipping fee when you return an item for any of the following reasons:
  • You refuse a delivery without inspection
  • You miss a delivery appointment
  • You return a non-defective or undamaged product


No refunds on plans or engineering services.


Skyclipse 280, Wave Shades and Hardware

All returns have to be inspected and repackaged before they can be resold. Most have signs of use, extra folds, dirt, etc., and are resold at a discount on the bargain page. Because of this loss and also processing fees that are not recouped, we charge a restocking fee so that we can keep the purchase price low for our other customers. Therefore there is a 15% restocking/inspection fee for returns or exchanges of all Skyclipse 280 sails and hardware. All returns will be inspected for completeness and appropriateness for resale. If returned complete and in a condition we deem sellable as new, the buyer will be credited for the item less a 15% restocking/inspection fee and minus our actual shipping costs & handling cost.


Skyclipse 320 & Skyclipse 370

Skyclipse 320 & 370 sails are made to order from stock patterns.    Skyclipse 320 & 370 sails ship Express Post via Air direct from New Zealand.

Only some Skyclipse 320 and Skyclipse 370 sails are returnable or can be exchanged. The following colors may be returned or exchanged with a 20% restocking fee and minus our actual shipping costs:  Desert Sand, Coastal Cream, Karloo, and Chino.  No other colors are returnable.  Please make your selection with care. 

These ship direct from our New Zealand facility and generally take 7-14 days by International Express Mail.

NOTE: Skyclipse 320, Skyclipse 370, and Custom Sails are shipped via United States Postal Service. Providing a valid USPS delivery address is the responsibility of the customer.  Any losses due to provision of an invalid delivery address are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Custom WAVES are not returnable.
Ready-made WAVES are not returnable if they have been installed. Unopened packages of WAVEs are returnable subject to a 20% restocking/inspection fee and minus our actual shipping & handling costs.


Indoor Stretch Shapes are not returnable.


Goods received damaged or defective will be replaced upon return. e-mail before returning to acquire return shipping labels.

Warranties: All warranty issues are the responsibility of the manufacturer and should be addressed to them. Shade Sails makes no warranty as to the suitability of the products sold.

Applicable building codes and community regulations vary from place to place. It is the responsibility of the buyer to obtain any permission required by the local government or community

e-mail us before returning anything: