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Before filling out the form below, make sure you read through the instructions on our Custom Sails page…

Use this form to get an automated quote or to order Custom Shade Sails.

Step 1 – Edge and Corner Construction

  • Webbing Reinforced

    Webbing Reinforced

  • —OR—
  • Cabled Reinforced Edges

    Cabled Reinforced Edges


Select Type of Construction:

Step 2 – Fabric and Color

Monotec - Strongest

Polyfab - Meets NFPA Fire ratings.


Select Fabric:

Select Color:
    Please select a type of fabric.

    Step 3 – Number of Corners

    Attaching hardware is included & will come with the custom Shade Sail. (What’s Included?)

    Sails with more than 4 corners require manual order form.


    Select Number of Corners:

    Step 4 – Edge Dimensions

    Total perimeter measurements must not exceed 960″ (80′).

    Larger sails can be made but only by submitting a manual order form.


    Enter Edge Dimensions (in inches):
    Please select the number of corners first.

    Step 5 – Fixing Points Heights

    Enter in the height measurements of the fixing points heights above grade (above the ground). Estimates can be made to the nearest half foot.



    Enter Fixing Points Heights (in inches)
      1. inches Fixed to post or building?: Post  Building
      2. inches Fixed to post or building?: Post  Building
      3. inches Fixed to post or building?: Post  Building

        D.   inches Fixed to post or building?: Post  Building

    Step 6 – Final Questions

    1. Are you eyes horizontal or vertical?
    2. Did you buy your eyes from us?
      Note: To be eligible to receive our warranty, it is required that our hardware be used exclusively.
    3. I have measured per your instructions. Acknowledge:
    4. I understand that the edges curve inward to control tension throughout the membrane. Acknowledge:
    5. I acknowledge reading your return policy. Acknowledge:
    6. I acknowledge that flat sails will not drain well and can void the warranty. Acknowledge:
    7. I acknowledge that Shade Sails LLC will determine turnbuckle and shackle locations. Acknowledge:
    8. I acknowledge that Shade Sails LLC is not responsible for poor shapes that result from the measurements I have provided. Acknowledge: